Interscholastic Participation Requirements

Each Tioga High School student must fulfill the following requirements to qualify for participation in interscholastic activities sponsored by the school:
1.  He/she must abide by all the eligibility rules as set forth in the Constitution and By-Laws of the North Dakota High School Activities Association.  (A condensed list of these rules is posted on the lobby bulletin board--a complete copy may be checked out at the office.)
1.  Students must receive a successful passing grade in all subject areas and /or classes.
2.  At the beginning of the school year and at the beginning of each subsequent quarter, student eligibility will be calculated after the first three (3) weeks of each grading period.  Beginning week four (4) of each grading period eligibility will be calculated on a weekly basis.
3.  Instructors must have grades posted by 12:00 noon on Friday or the last school day of that week.
4.  Eligibility requirements will be determined Monday to Monday.
5.  Tioga School District incorporates this policy and all students grades 4-12 are covered by this policy.
6.  If a student is suspended or expelled from school, that student is ineligible for both practicing and participating until the suspension/expulsion is ended.
7.  The following will be left to the individual coaches:
     A.  Training rules
     B.  Missing of practices
     C.  Dress code
     D.  Discipline--students misbehaving in another instructor's class is not cause for removal from a game or a team.
8.  In order to participate in practice or play in an interscholastic event, a student must have been in school that day for at least a half day.  At the discretion of the principal, some exceptions may be given but only if the student has given prior notification of his or her necessary absence.  If a student misses school on Friday, he/she may practice/play on Saturday.
Recommended exceptions to the above:
     A.  Written excuse--doctor or dentist
     B.  Pre-arranged (with parent excuse) funerals or weddings.
Not recommended as an exception:
     A.  Work--even if excused by parent.
Reviewed/Revised August 16, 2010

Complaints Concerning Coaches or Advisors

The following procedure is intended to minimize the risk of a possible action for libel or slander, to retain the impartiality of the Board, and to maximize the school district's ablility to employ and retain coaches and advisors.

1.      Anonymous complaints provide no avenue for response or redress of the complaint. An unsigned complaint will not be acted upon at any meetings of the Board and anonymous telephone complaints will not be brought to the Board by any individual, Board member, administrator, or other employee. No disciplinary action will be initiated solely on an anonymous complaint; however, the administrator may investigate an anonymous complaint, if deemed appropriate.

2.      24 Hour Rule regarding parents who have concerns, questions, or complaints: Do not call or contact the coaching staff on game day or within 24 hours after the completion of the competition. Coaches and advisors have a great number of tasks to prepare and complete before and after events. After the 24 Hour waiting period, if there is still a question or concern, or complaint, please contact the Athletic Director/Supervisor to discuss the matter or to arrange for a meeting with the A.D./Supervisor, coach, and parent. The meeting shall take place at the school. The A.D./Supervisor may request that the complaint be reduced to writing. There are some topics that will not be discussed--other players' abilities, positions played, and strategies. Playing time is off-limits; however, the discussion may lead into that topic.

3.      If an agreement is not reached by the conclusion of the above meeting, the parent(s) shall meet with the superintendent within 5 days after the meeting for resolution.

4.      If an agreement is still not reached, the parent(s) have the right to appeal the Board.

5.      Failure to comply with the above may result in the suspension of the player or parent for participation/attendance at future activities.



 The Tioga Public School is a smoke free environment. Smoking and/or the use of tobacco products are prohibited in all buildings, school vehicles, and on all school grounds (includes all campuses, parking lots, track and football areas, practice fields, etc.)

If you need to smoke, please leave school grounds.

Thank you. We appreciate your cooperation in this.

Tioga High School is a member of the NDHSAA. As a member, we follow the rules and regulations of the NDHSAA Constitution & Bylaws concerning the use of tobacco and alcohol.


New Cell Phone Policy
Tioga Public Schools Student Celluar Phone and Electronics Use

The Tioga High School assumes no liability for damaged, destroyed, lost, and or missing celluar phones or electronic devices. Students and their parents are responsible for the safe keeping of all such devices including: Celluar phones, listening devices, image taking devices, or any type of electronic game or simliar device.

Students are not allowed to use these types of devices on campus during school hours without prior authorization being granted by administration.  The exception to this is noted at the end of this policy and extends only to Tioga High School Seniors.*

First Offense

A student found of being in violation will have his/her parent's contacted and arrangements will be made for parents to pick up the electronic device.  The student will serve an after school detention of 30 minutes.  The building administrator will document the incident by using a Celluar Phone and Electronics incident form.

Second Offense

A student found of being in violation a second time will have his/her parent's contacted and arrangements will be made for the parents to pick up the electronic device.  The student will serve one day in-school suspension.  A two percent deduction in all classes will be assessed at the end of the nine weeks grading period.  The administrator will document the incident as the student's second offense by using a Celluar Phone and Electronics incident form.

Third Offense

A student found of being in violation a third time will have his/her parent's contacted and arrangements will be made for parents to pick up the device.  The student will serve two days out of school suspension.  A two percent deduction per day in all classes will be assessed at the end of the nine weeks grading period for each day suspension.  The administrator will document the incident as the student's third offense by using a Celluar Phone and Electronics incident form.

It will be considered a first, second, or third offense regardless of what type of electronic device a student is found in violation of in order of events as documented by administration.

A student found in violation of this policy more than three times will follow a similar procedure as noted under Third Offense. The student will be subject to the same penalties and additional consequences may occur.

*Tioga High School senior students only on their off hour, will be allowed to responsibly use such devices during school hours in a designated area to be determined by the High School principal.  Abuse of this privilege will result in removal of that students privilege and will be determined by the High School administrator.

Adopted by Tioga High School Board August 20, 2007