Tioga High School

The increased enrollment at Central Elementary School has caused the need for additional classrooms, but there is no room to expand. As a result, the proposed building project (bond) would add additional classrooms and gymnasium to Tioga High School. These classrooms would house the sixth-grade students in a wing of its own.

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In the folder, you will find:
1. Notice of Special Election
2. Initial Resolution for General Obligation School Building Bonds
3. Resolution Calling for Special Election
4. Official Ballot (sample)
5. Absentee-Mail Ballot Application
6. Tax Impact Calculator (Allows you to plug in your true and full value (market value) and provide you with your additional yearly cost for the building project (bond).)
7. Breakdown of the Official Ballot Language

If requesting an absentee ballot, complete the application and bring it to the Business Manager (Mrs. Ronda Rudnik) at Tioga High School or mail in the application to the following address:

Mrs. Ronda Rudnik, Business Manager
Tioga School District #15
PO Box 279
Tioga, ND 58852


Public Meeting for Bond Election

  • December 14th at Central Elementary School at 7:00pm in the library
  • January 2nd at Tioga High School at 7:00pm in the library

Photo Credit: Crystal Borja, Amanda Kingston, & Presley Hill