Northwest Regional Science & Engineering Fair

Tioga High School Is Competitive at the Northwest Regional Science & Engineering Fair

On Feb 26th, Tioga High School attended the NW Regional Science & Engineering Fair at WSC in Williston. 

Awards were won by these students;

Mason Bentley – The Almer Rutz Memorial Scholarship Award

Sophia Wolla – The American Psychological Association Award

Raphael Salinas – Genius Olympiad Award

ReAnna Salinas – The Intel Excellence In Computer Science Award

Abigail Larson – The Mu Alpha Theta Award

Gunnar Norgaard – The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration Award

Isaiah Zochert – The ND Rural Water Works Association Award

Ryne Skabo – US Metric Award JH Division

Abigail Larson – US Metric Award SH Division

Alexander Puchany – US Metric Award SH Division

Addie Norgaard – The US Stockholm Junior Water Prize Award

Raphael Salinas - The US Stockholm Junior Water Prize Award

Tayzie Cox – The Williston Dental Association Award

Katelyn Langved – The Williston Dental Association Award

Abigail Larson – The NW Region Sponsored Zoology Award

Brock Sundhagen – Broadcom Masters Award

Gracie Nutt – Broadcom Masters Award

Emma Taylor – Broadcom Masters Award

Isaiah Zochert – Broadcom Masters Award

Brock Sundhagen – US Navy Award

Abigail Larson – US Navy Award

The ND State Science & Engineering Fair is held on April 4-5, 2018 in Grand Forks @ UND. 

The following students receive the opportunity to advance to the State Fair;


JH Division Alternates for the State Fair;

4th Alternate – Kennedy Vagts    The Most Effective Antacid

1st Alternate – Sara Iverson          Does Cinnamon in Cinnamon Gum Kill Bacteria In Your Mouth

JH Division State Qualifiers;

Lindsey Vachal                                   Grow, Grow, Grow

Isaiah Zochert                                    Water Filtration

Gracie Nutt                                         Speed

Emma Taylor                                      Wonders Of Water Quality

JH Division Runner Up (2nd best overall project in the JH division)

Brock Sundhagen                  Plant Vigor

SH Division alternates for the State Fair;

4th Alternate – Sophia Wolla        Does Happiness Correlate With Self-Esteem

2nd Alternate – Makayla Berg      With Or Without Color?

SH Division State Qualifiers;

Aubrey Henson                                 Stronger Than Pain

Addie Norgaard                                Hot Vs. Cold: Surface Tension & Viscosity

Mikayla Wolfe                                   Whistle While Your Work It

Wyatt Sandberg                               Sharpest Tool In The Shed

Betsy Brimhall                                    Locker What?!

Karter Longie                                     Math: Take It To The Hoop

Raphael Salinas                                 Rowdy Algae

Lydia Carr                                            Is Caffeine A Friend Or Foe?

Senior High Division Sweepstake Winner (Best overall project in the SH division)

Receives a $48,000 scholarship to Jamestown College & the opportunity to advance to the State Fair in Grand Forks, held @ UND on April 5-6, 2018.

Abigail Larson                                A Better Way To Wean


Science Fair Picture 1


Science Fair Picture 2


Science Fair Picture 3

Science Fair Picture 4

Science Fair Picture 5

Science Fair Picture 6

Science Fair Picture 7